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#Sanremo2017 #Lele #vince #NuoveProposte Lele #AMICImdF #RaffaeleEsposito #FacceDaFestival Ron, AlBano Ferreri EliminatiBIG D'Alessio, Ron, Al Bano e Ferreri

#Sanremo2017: #Lele #vince #NuoveProposte - #10feb. - E' Lele ( #AMICImdF #RaffaeleEsposito #FacceDaFestival www.MUSICA-DELLE-SFERE.BLOGSPOT.NL - #MusicadelleSfere - @Musica delle Sfere - Raffaele Esposito #20anni #vincitore del #Festival di #Sanremo 2017 nella categoria Nuove #Proposte. #Sanremo: #Maldestro vince #PremiodellaCritica tra Nuove Proposte - Sanremo, 10 feb. - Maldestro, #AntonioPrestieri,

#campano, ha vinto con #CanzoneperFederica" il #PremioMiaMartini - - ==>> @MusicadelleSfere - #MusicaSfere - => Di' che ti piace questa Pagina !! Grazie !! @LinkiAmici - @Trova i tuoi amici @Amici di Maria De Filippi - Fran - Marco

Sanremo 2017 sees the triumph of Lele in the New Proposals section and the output of Giusy Ferreri, Ron, Al Bano and Gigi D'Alessio from the race

of the 'big'. To declare a halt at the entrance to the final mix of televoting (40%), demoscopia jury (30%) and the expert jury (30%). '' Exceptional Valletta: Marica Pellegrinelli, model and wife of Eros Ramazzotti, that can light up the stage of the Ariston with its beauty. And the awarded Conti-De Filippi aims to repeat the boom of plays got the cover of night. THE FINAL YOUTH - Ready away. It begins with the end, all men, by young people. On the stage of the Ariston rise in the order Leonardo Lamacchia, Lele, Clumsy and Francesco Guasti that reproduce their songs. Then you pass the official opening with Kitonb Project, a theater group that mixes dance and experimental laser lights, electronic and dance music. FACE TO FESTIVAL - Join Maria explaining that the Sanremo liturgy provides a number of obligations, including the "festival of the face". "You always have the same face, if a song you like or if you do not like, if you present a sample that you know and you see every week or if you meet him for the first time," said De Filippi. "It is a face that takes possession of all cores. And when the camera cuts to you,

 if you do not recognize it turns away." The 'face' is a false tooth, carnival-style, which is a guaranteed fixed smile. The BIG - It then goes immediately to the race of Champions: the first is Ron 'The Eighth Wonder'. Then it's up to Chiara with 'No place is my home', to Samuel with 'You'll see' and Al Bano with 'Of roses and thorns'. GRANDFATHER-HERO - For heading 'Everyone sings Sanremo' then climbs on stage Gaetano Muscat: the hero grandfather during the attack in Nice last summer has lost his leg to save his grandchildren. Accompanying him is just one of the two grandchildren, Philip. "Sometimes at night I still find it hard to sleep," says grandfather Gaetano trusting that her favorite song is 'In the blue painted blue' by Domenico Modugno. "Sometimes you do not understand what the norm is the most valuable asset," adds Moscato to the story about the difficulties now encountered in returning to life. THE COVER OF CROZZA - Ermal Meta, winner of the evening with cover 'Amara my' earth is the fifth champion in the race with 'forbidden to die'. Then it's up to Maurizio Crozza, which presents itself in the shoes

of the pollster Nando Pagnoncelli reciting unlikely surveys the progress of the festival song. It comes some stored in the world of politics: by "in this country if you graduate then you can not do the Minister of Education" and Gentiloni, he thought to remain just to the Government so that "in December arrived in Chigi with trolley small". Crozza also talk of electoral law: "The voting system of the Festival works great, why do not you also use it to Parliament? We do Sanremellum". "Renzi - adds Crozza - was there 3 years to do anything, he could learn to play the ukulele at the same time. You say: What do you do with knowing how to play the ukulele? Okay, because instead of Renzi What are you doing? ". And he concludes: "Carlo you made you more in three years of festivals: you recycled Arisa, you have cleared through customs Gabriel Garko and now you're trying to humanize Maria De Filippi." THE RACE - it returns to the competition with 'The Diary of errors' by Michele Bravi. Then it was the turn of Fiorella Mannoia, already indicated by many as the papal candidate won, which masterfully interprets 'May it be blessed'. #FacceDaFestival - #Sanremo2017 #FacciaDaFestival #Festivallargheintese #RaiMediaset #Festival delle #largheintese #CarloConti e #AmicidiMariaDeFilippi , #SatiraSatura - - SatiraSatura -- LaSatira Fo Ridere - #LaSatira #FoRidere #GenerazioneFacciaLibro #Facce #DaFestival - #FacciaLibro - - Trova i tuoi amici - Musica delle Sfere - #UrlTube Magazine - Musica delle Sfere - - #djset con #Clementino e #Shablo #diretta su ‎#rairadio2 Forte di Santa Tecla - @RaiRadio2 Aftershow, showcase e dj set fino a notte fonda. ... l'area più esclusiva nel Comune di Sanremo durante il Festival della Canzone italiana. ... una performance che promette spettacolo Clementino e Shablo, un duo inedito per un dj ... Uno showcase e un dj set per chiudere le notti di #RaiRadio2 in the Club. SANREMO 2017: #RADIO2 IN THE CLUB AL FORTE ... notte un dj set-spettacolo con Clementino e Shablo. Mancanti: festa ‎rairadio2 #sanremo2017, al Forte Di Santa Tecla dj set-spettacolo con ... #sanremo2017 · #67esimo festival di sanremo · dj set-spettacolo ... con un dj set che promette un grande spettacolo: #ClementinoShablo - - Trova i tuoi amici - Amici di Eventi Agenda #EventiAgenda - - agenda trov @Eventi Agenda - #EventiAgenda - domani #samuel - @Musica delle Sfere -- EliminatiBIG D'Alessio, Ron, Al Bano e Ferreri #Sanremo2017 #Lele #vince #NuoveProposte Lele #AMICImdF #RaffaeleEsposito #FacceDaFestival -

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