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#Sanremo2017 #vince #FrancescoGabbani a #ErmalMeta #premiocritica, #FiorellaMannoia quello #stampa. E #Zucchero canta #Pavarotti

- #Sanremo2017 #vince #FrancescoGabbani a #ErmalMeta #premiocritica, #FiorellaMannoia quello #stampa. E #Zucchero canta #Pavarotti 'Francis Gabbani with' West's Karma 'the winner of Sanremo 2017. The winner last year of the New Proposals with' Amen 'has wrought the super favorite Fiorella Mannoia (second) and Ermal Meta (third). A success due to televoting, the only one to be worth in the finals that has made the podium.

YOUNG Lele and Clumsy, the two faces of Naples - the M.MANGIAROTTI HOSTS FIRST - Leading the fifth and final installment of the Festival are the Thieves prams with the song 'Stravedo for life'. The performance, as announced in recent days, is devoted to the former component Piero Petrullo who recently took his own life. Then Carlo Conti launches remote voting for the 16 songs in the race and also presents tonight the heroes of the everyday: this time I carabinieri and police officers who talk about their activities as 'passion'. Among the members of the police there is also the uncle of the little Samuel, the child in the Rigopiano tragedy lost his parents. Then on the stage of the Ariston, for the first time as a guest, he arrives Zucchero singing

 'We give up'. Enters also Maria De Filippi, which avoids the 'dreaded' stairs, explaining: "I have not made because they are respectful of the festival. Making her I would be dropped just watching my feet." VIA THE RACE - Start the race and each sample is introduced by video message from another artist. Elodie begins with Loredana Berte to make them the best of luck. Soon after the turn of Michael Pearl Jam, to which the wish comes from Richard Sheets. Then there is Sergio Sylvestre with Eros Ramazzotti, while Enrico Ruggeri to give his support to the super favorite Fiorella Mannoia. GALLERY Diana Del Bufalo mattatrice in Sanremo 2017. With Mastronardi and Buscemi BACK TO THE PAST - Atmosphere vintage then Alessandra Mastronardi, Diana Del Bufalo and Giusy Buscemi, the fiction of RAI 1 'protagonists upon a time study 1', dedicated to a television variety program of the sixties. On stage, the three protagonists of the drama are wearing outfits inspired the golden age of the variety. To animate the meeting the likeably behavior outside the lines of Diana del Bufalo that, after declaring to be paralyzed by emotion, end up monopolizing the conversation. Starts the race with Fabrizio Moro, introduced by video message Conjure. Then there Bernabei Alessio who gets the luck of Rudy Zerbi, one of his former Professor of the 'Friends' School. RAID OF CROZZA - Tap the cover of Maurizio Crozza, which begins as usual in connection but then bursts on stage in the role of Senator Antonio Razzi, one of his cult masks. Ironically on the crafty scandal Sanremo ( "When I saw those who timbravano the card in his underwear and then went home, I thought, but what is heaven") and includes among the favorite songs 'Poppies and sheep' ( "At my girlfriend was giving us so many sheep and I said 'take your place at poppy'). the comedian uses Carlo Conti as shoulder, but the conductor anticipates the forceful beats, creating an even more exhilarating effect. Crozza-Rockets praises Trump and explains: "the wall is done. Have you ever eaten the food? It has left on the stomach. Why do you think Speedy Gonzales ran? ". Then it's Maria De Filippi introduced the song that Crozza-Rockets must sing, just finished the comic handed her a note." Keep 10 Euros, you can not work aggratis, and morally harmful to children " , he says, and grabs like to print a kiss, which has become a format of this festival. at the end of the sketch, however, as a good Genovese you restore the 10 euro ( "i am the pocket money of my children"). then salt on Marco Masini stage, introduced by a video message former player of Fiorentina, Gabriel Batistuta. BACK SUGAR - Sugar Return with 'Partisan Reggiano' and dominates the stage. Carlo Conti tells him: "Did you dance Giorgio Moroder". "I have to thank Sanremo, despite the penultimate, last place - confesses -. The first two years have gone unnoticed and then with 'Women' something has changed." Then the singer remembers his friend Luciano Pavarotti and how the idea of ​​the duet for 'Miserere'. And thanks to technology that relives duet on the stage of the Ariston. And it is standing ovation. RACE - Eighth big race is Paola Turci, introduced by Nek. Then there is the White Atzei preceded by video message Francesco Silvestre. GALLERY Tina Kunakey, in Sanremo sexy lolita Vincent Cassel THE GIRLFRIEND OF CASSEL - For 'Everyone sings Sanremo' takes the stage of the Ariston French model, of Italian descent, Tina Kunakey Life. Long black dress and head of leonine hair, the model with its very good Italian at 19 recounts his career and does not escape even when asked about her relationship with the actor Vincent Cassel, former husband of Monica Bellucci. So says his song of Sanremo is 'I do not have the age' of Gigliola Cinquetti 1964. THE CHALLENGE - It's up to Francesco Gabban introduced by a Rosalinda Celentano clip. Then the microphone passes to Chiara who arrive wishes of Francesco Renga. Then there Clementino that, before the performance, he receives a video message from Edward Jackson. Then a moving Rita Pavone withdraws the Lifetime Achievement Award, assigned by the City of Sanremo, and then perform the tune of one of her hit: 'Heart'. It's up to Ermal Meta who Fiorello (in the introductory video message) hopes to get last "because it is known that those who usually comes last in Sanremo usually more successful than who wins." Fourteenth in race lodovica comello with Claudio Bisio, his former partner in the conduct of 'Kid's Got Talent' that invites the public to vote for her. MONTESANO - And again the turn of a comic: Enrico Montasano, coming down the stairs by sitting Ariston. "Maria ... Look at that idea that I gave you," he says pointing to De Filippi. In his monologue that crosses musical memories and political jokes. "Before he sang more ... When you did you sang the beard. During the break of the work was sung to the labor return he was sung today is sung in fixed-term voucher." Recalling the words of the Latin Mass, he adds: "D'Alema which has always is something that has bothered which has tight shoes, if you are on the c ... or alone." Among the memories of the Beat era and imitations of falsetto singer of Country Cousins, and he ends with the imitation of De Filippi voice. LAST BIG, THEN THERE 'GEPPI - Latest Samuel to go on stage, introduced by Giuliano Sangiorgi Negramaro, and Michele Bravi on when the time rolls the video message Rovazzi, who invited him to uphold the honor of the web. the stage of the Ariston then becomes 'you've Got mail' with Geppi Cucciari to lead and Mary to act as host. the envelope Carlo Conti. "Maria, it is true that present next year Sanremo?" asked Geppi. And the De Filippi: "I'll tell you live, ciaone." After the jokes, though, there is also room for a serious monologue. "We are used to the lies. Type a year ago has died in Egypt an Italian boy, Giulio Regeni, and we have not yet understood why, "he recalls. Finally a reference to women are often the victims of sexism." Tonight I will deploy on the side of the woman: je suis hot potato " , says the comic siding against the sexist title of Libero on the mayor of Rome Virginia Rays. "to judge a woman for what many men would like a gift is wrong," says the actress. MORE GUESTS

- We dance before the final standings with Alvaro Soler singing a medley of his hit-catchy. Then it is time ranking: three finalists that climb the podium Fiorella Mannoia, Ermal Meta and Francis Gabbani. Even guests with Depeche Mode and Amara singing 'Peace', a song not allowed the race. And finally the chef Carlo Cracco. aWARDS CRITICS - Meanwhile the other prizes are awarded: after the victory in the cover Ermal Meta evening

 brings home the 'Critics Award Mia Martini - Section Champions' with his 'forbidden to die'; Instead Fiorella Mannoia and his 'May it be blessed' is the 'Room of the Press Prize Radio-TV-Web Lucio Dalla - Section Champions'. Giancarlo Bigazzi award for Best Arrangement, as voted by the Orchestra professors, going instead to Al Bano for 'Of roses and thorns'. Francesco Gabbani with 'occidentalis Karma', however, will take home the prize TimMusic, dedicated the song more listened to in streaming on the last night TimMusic app. - 2017, Ariston, canzone, concerto, Crozza Televisione, Fiorella Mannoia, Lodovica Comello, MusicaLive, MusicaSfere, Sanremo, Sanremo2017, Tenco, video #Sanremo2017 #vince #FrancescoGabbani a #ErmalMeta #premiocritica, #FiorellaMannoia quello #stampa. E #Zucchero canta #Pavarotti

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